Working with Tarantino – Zero ADR

We work on films with varying degrees of budgets here at Santisound, and at times, run into very challenging dialogue recordings. It’s the nature of our business, especially with indie films, but one that can be easily avoided. Not by having the best equipment, but by being an active participant of the production team.

The resources we have are mutual respect and a deep, deep investment in the process of filmmaking… Getting good sound has nothing to do with your budget; in fact the opposite. Getting good sound is an enormous cost-saving factor. Because if you do it, and you do it right, and you do it with respect to yourself, your own filmmaking, and the people who are there to be your advocates, you will not be in post-production with a nightmare. You will be in a situation where you’re focusing on making the scenes the best they can be, not fixing all the things that are broken because you didn’t work it out in the first place.

-Mark Ulano (Production Sound Mixer)

We ran across this great article from Filmmaker Magazine, 20 Years of Collaborating with Tarantino with Zero ADR: Production Sound Mixer Mark Ulano on The Hateful Eight. We urge all indie film makers to read this article about making sound an important component on set instead of an after thought. It might cost more to have an experienced sound team on set, but will save you money in post-production. In the end, you’ll end up with a much better and more creative film.