What are we working on: 2012, 4th Quarter

Sound Design | Sound Edit | Dialogue Edit | Mixing

End of the year has been busy for us, thankfully. This is what we’ve been up to…

Zero Dark Thirty: Mixed a great 4min featurette on the production behind the movie. Must admit, movie looks really good! We’ll put up a link soon. (Rick Santizo)

– Waiting to announce a big, super secret project we’ve been working on with Director Eric Calderon (Afro Samurai, Iron Fists Short)… soon!

– Our work for Last Resort on ABC continues. A Making Of Featurette for every episode that airs. It’s a great show, too bad that it will not be renewed, as of now. Please check out our featurettes, we have 10 up so far. (Rick Santizo)

Argo: We mixed the Blu-ray Commentary… very cool. Look for it when it’s released. (Michael Malerba)

Rise of the Guardians: Mixed 4 featurettes, released on Yahoo and Dreamworks’ YouTube page. They’re a lot of fun, check them out here. (Rick Santizo, Michael Malerba)

Total Recall (2012): We did a lot of work for Total Recall including several featurettes, tv spots, and Blu-ray content. We mixed, in 5.1 surround, some really cool Blu-ray features called “Movie Touch”. As the film is playing, behind the scenes featurettes will pop up at specific scenes, then return to the movie… There are 30 of them. Please check out the blu-ray on December 18 to see (and hear) all this content.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days: Blu-ray with our commentary mix will be released on December 18th.

Nickelodeon: Mixed a Sizzle Reel for their Fall Campaign… Action packed! (Rick Santizo)

Adore Creative – Global Mind Adventure: Our partnership with Adore continues with their latest epic film. Adore is a very unique global advertising company, they bring in great projects. Here is their latest film in which they, along with students from Russia, travel to remote locations around the globe where the local population has been cut off from the modern world, and setup satellite internet connections. Click here to watch. (Michael Malerba, Rick Santizo)

Abominable Christmas: In time for the Holidays, we mixed a couple of TV trailers for this direct to dvd release. Click (Rick Santizo)

Thanks for keeping up with us throughout the year. We’re looking to finish strong.

The Santisound family wishes you all the best for the holidays!!