Creating a world of sound for Kung-fu ink paintings: The Man with the Iron Fists

Sound Design | Sound Edit | Dialogue Edit | Mixing

The world of Iron Fists is strange & sure ain’t no place for the weak.

From Eric Calderon and RZA, the creators of the smash hit Afro Samurai, comes a hypnotic prequel to Universal Pictures ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’ which finds the Blacksmith (RZA) on his way to China via a Dutch trading vessel. At a typical port stop, the Blacksmith and the crew have an unfortunate encounter…

Iron Fist Animated Short is Live on YouTube Page. We are very proud to be part of this. Really fun project.

The challenge on this project was that the images don’t move in a traditional animated way. It’s not a motion comic either, we are not dealing with panels. Instead, we get beautiful chinese ink paintings that move on screen. It required very careful sound design and placement of sound cues. Had to make sure that we were moving the story along. We used atmospheric, environmental, and film audio to create the overall ambience. For the fight sequences, it was layers of hard sounds for the action on screen… chains, knives, whooshes, grunting, and so on. The canon ball punch alone had about 10 layers of sound. Fun!!

Eric recorded and provided all the Chinese voices and the Narration by RZA. Throw everything into our “blender” and boom! This is what you get. Make sure to watch AND listen in HD. Enjoy.